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Happy Halloween!

[PA] Happy Halloween 2014! by StyxLady



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My Aura

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 7:56 PM

Warning: This is a long quiz.

1. Go through all questions. Count how many "Yes" or  "Yes, sometime that's me" answers you get.
2. The more YES answers the more likely you have found your AURA COLOR TYPE.

I was tagged by:  XAngelFeatherX
I tag: KurosuAi Kitsune-no-Suzu SolaceSojourn 

Aura color meanings:………

My result:  INDIGO - SEEKER 



[ ] I am a realist and believe only in what I can see and touch.
[x] I am loyal and supportive to my family, community, society.
[x] I don't talk a lot about my inner thoughts and feelings.
[x] Sometimes I have an explosive temper, I react physically.
[ ] I have a strong physical constitution but a slow body movements.
[ ] Hanging out in bars with friends is more fun then staying home.
[ ] I love to watch sports, like football, boxing, soccer.
[x] I am sexual and I love to express my animalistic feelings.
[ ] Regularly I have to deal with survival, fights, confrontations.
[ ] Practical and hard-headed would best describe me.
[x] I need to achieve immediate, tangible and concrete results.
[] Stamina, strength and team work are my strong points.

Total 'Yes' statements: 5


[ ] I express myself through my physical body and my sexuality.
[ ] I love the excitement of a fast, desireful, stimulating life.
[x] I am competitive, successful and need to achieve results.
[ ] I tend to be honest, blunt, straightforward and very direct.
[ ] I am powerful, self-confident, independent and practical.
[x] I can have a very eccentric, individual and unique behavior.
[ ] I am impulsive, stimulating and explosive in my interactions.
[x] Passionate, sexual relationships or affairs are very important.
[x] Sex is a desire filled, sensual and exciting experience.
[x] I need freedom and independence in my relationships.
[ ] I am a winner and leader. I can achieve whatever I want.
[ ] I need to be the center of attention.

 Total 'Yes' statements: 5


[ ] I love the excitement of shaping and forming physical reality.
[x] I enjoy all the pleasures and adventures life has to offer.
[ ] I always imagine and plan strategies for my next project.
[ ] I think and plan very precisely, detailed, step-by-step.
[ ] Letting go, passivity and relaxation are not my priorities.
[ ] I appear to be powerful, strong, forceful and sometimes pushy.
[ ] I need to be in control of my life, my relationships, my career.
[ ] I am not interested what other people think or feel about me.
[ ] My freedom and independence are most important to me.
[ ] I am interested in projects, business, sales or marketing.
[ ] I talk mainly about my projects and challenges.
[x] Sex is fun and pleasure, a great adventure.

Total 'Yes' statements: 2


[x] I love to create, shape and form ideas and concepts.
[ ] I am a very logical, analytical, rational and sequential thinker.
[x] I prefer to see the proof, logic and data behind reality.
[ ] I need order, stability, structure and security.
[ ] I love to study, learn or discuss my ideas and concepts.
[ ] I like to have regular routines in my day-to-day life.
[x] I talk very slowly and detailed. I think first, then I talk.
[x] A safe home and a stable family are important to me.
[x] I prefer solid, long-lasting and committed relationships.
[ ] I enjoy working with mechanical or electronic gadgets.
[x] I prefer a secure, stable work with regular income.
[x] I am honest, reliable and trustworthy. People count on me.

Total 'Yes' statements: 7


[ ] I need to have fun, play, exercise or be around people.
[ ] I am happy, sunny, joyful, easy-going and enjoy life.
[ ] I need body movement, exercise, dancing on a regular basis.
[ ] My body is very sensitive and acts like a biological antenna.
[x] I can be very spontaneous, overflowing with creative ideas.
[x] I am a very bright, intelligent and radiant individual.
[ ] I love to travel, relax on a beach or dance all night long.
[x] I look younger then my real age. 
[ ] I don't want responsibilities or commitments.
[x] I like to be artistic, creative or work with my hands.
[x] I am good in starting new projects, but bad in finishing them.
[ ] I am always late for my meetings.

Total 'Yes' statements: 5


[ ] I am very social, communicative and natural.
[ ] Nature and people are very important to me.
[x] I love animals especially dogs, horses and cats.
[x] I like to teach, communicate or give other people advice.
[ ] I talk for hours about many different subjects.
[x] I need peace, harmony and balance in my life.
[x] I love to be with my close friends, relatives and family.
[x] I am open, quick-minded and communicative.
[x] Relationships and friends are most important in my life.
[x] Intimacy means love, affection and sharing.
[x] Others consider me as a good teacher, therapist, counselor.
[ ] I need to share and express my inner feelings.

Total 'Yes' statements: 8


[] I love to learn and to be intellectually stimulated all the time.
[] I am quick-minded with a precise and accurate memory.
[x] I am ambitious, competitive, goal-oriented and expect the best.
[] I have a strong personality, perseverance and self-esteem.
[x] Wealth, luxury and money represent social status and power.
[x] I articulate and communicate very quickly, clearly and directly.
[ ] I am conservative in my beliefs and behavior.
[ ] I am attractive and wear only expensive or exclusive clothing.
[ ] I have high expectations in my partner, friends and jobs. 
[ ] I am a workaholic and perfectionist in working on my career.
[x] I prefer independent, high level or well-paid executive jobs.
[ ] I rather develop plans and ideas than do the actual work.

Total 'Yes' statements: 4


[x] I am very peaceful, caring and supportive.
[x] I am more concerned about others than about myself.
[ ] Love, God and spirituality are important to me.
[x] I want to be loved and appreciated. 
[x] I have a slow metabolism with cold hand and feet.
[ ] I am very social and I love to be around people all the time.
[ ] I am conservative and family oriented with strong values. 
[x] I want a healthy, loving and caring relationship.
[x] Love and affection are more important then sex or passion.
[x] I have problems setting boundaries or saying no.
[x] I am a born caretaker, advisor, counselor or healer.
[] I am not very ambitious or goal-oriented.

Total 'Yes' statements: 8


[x] Trust, loyalty and honesty are very important.
[x] Life is love and compassion.
[x] I follow my intuition and my inner guidance.
[x] I feel artistic, creative and spiritually advanced.
[x I am soft and sensitive yet aware and independent.
[x] I am a clear and intuitive but also conservative thinker.
[x] I need a safe and secure environment around me.
[ ] Spirituality and love are more important then sex and passion.
[x] I have difficulty relating to my body or physical reality.
[x] I prefer to express myself through music, dance or art.
[x] I need the freedom to live my inner beliefs and principals.
[x] I love to help and support others in their growth.

Total 'Yes' statements: 11


[ ] I am a visionary, intuitive and innovative thinker.
[ ] I feel physical and powerful yet sensitive and intuitive.
[ ] I want to be famous or do something important in my life.
[x] Often I am scattered or involved in too many projects at once.
[ ] I want to inspire and help improve the planet or humanity. 
[ ] I appear to be magnetic and powerful with a magical aura.
[ ] I end up in leadership positions or the center of attention.
[x] I am very passionate and sensual with a strong sex drive.
[x] I love the passion and power of music.
[x] Success means to live my vision and fulfill my destiny.
[x] Money represents power, influence and possibilities.
[x] I need to be independent with the freedom to live my vision.

Total 'Yes' statements: 6

[ ] My physical body is very fragile and sensitive.
[x] I am an imaginative, inspirational and artistic thinker.
[x] I believe in dreams, angels, spirits, higher dimensions of life.
[ ] I don't like to focus and concentrate for long periods of time.
[ ] I live by my feelings and intuition, not my rational mind.
[x] I love to talk about my ideas, fantasies and dreams.
[x] I am creative and full of wonder and imagination.
[x] I have bad memory, I am often late, suddenly change plans.
[ ] I love soft, meditative music, candles and incense.
[x] I prefer to work in relaxed, low stressed environments.
[x] I have problems finishing projects.
[x] I prefer artistic, healing or metaphysical activities.

Total 'Yes' statements: 8



[ ] I have a transcendent and radiant appearance.
[x] I am very sensitive, vulnerable and easily overwhelmed.
[ ] I can tune into other dimensions of existence or reality.
[ ] Meditation, spirituality, awareness, healing are priorities.
[ ] I need to stay in a healing and transcendent state of mind.
[ ] My inner connection with God is most important to me.
[x] I tend to be introverted, withdrawn and quiet.
[x] I am sensitive to other peoples emotions and thoughts.
[x] I take on other peoples energies and qualities very easily.
[x] I need a lot of time alone to recharge myself.
[x] I choose to work in quiet, calm, peaceful environments.
[x] I love to work with individuals in healing or counseling.

Total 'Yes' statements: 7

coding by slanderxoxo

About Me

Reo Babcon By Pieology by StyxLady
Thank You... by jennyleigh

33. Graphic Designer. Pacific Northwest, USA.

Other than art, I enjoy writing, video games (mostly The Sims 3), books, and TV shows such as Once Upon A Time, Firefly, Supernatural, the Avengers and all their individual movies, Castle, Highlander: the Series, and many more.

Chibi Reo Bab! by StyxLady
bab {1/2} by mausuuu

~ Art above by myself, Pieology, mausuuu, TheRiffonAssassin and gummysharkcircus ~

My Mane Mares (and Stallions)

Drifter Pixel Pony by Pepooni by StyxLadySilk Pixel Pony by StyxLadySnowblind Pixel Pony by Pepooni by StyxLadyPunky Pixel Pony by Pepooni by StyxLady

~ Art above by pepooni and myself~

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